Kolotibablo top 5 Settings for fast captcha 2024

Hello Welcome to EARN WITH HAMMAD website. As I promised yesterday, I want to share tips for playing on Kolo with multiple browsers.

In general, you can use any browser, for example playing with 4 IDs using firex+privatemode+chrome+incognito, it will be a burden on the system. For a PC/notebook with good specs there might not be a problem, but what about those with mediocre specs?
The solution is to use kmeleon & I have practiced this method on lga 1ghz ram 512 running normally with 4 windows, using kmeleon portable v74

Step 2:

1. Install kmeleon or use the portable version, then first set the things you need to get optimal performance.

**make the display page wider, this needs to be done especially if you play in old-fashioned games, the name is old-fashioned so the behavior is unpredictable.
Tollbar & layout:
menu edit>view>toolbar, remove all toolbars that are not needed
menu edit>view>status bar, remove the status bar
menu edit>preferences (or F2): tabbed browsing settings, on the "select tab bar" select "display tab bar as toolbar"
maximize the browser, go to the toolbar menu again, remove the "lock toolbar" mark, set the layout then lock again.

2. Settings so you can have multiple IDs

** edit menu>manage profile, create as many new profiles as needed, ask at startup = yes,
give a specific name, it doesn't have to be long. (EDITED>>>> 
** right click the kmeleon shortcut on desktop>properties, enter "-new" (space min new) at the back of the target column

3. Finally, open the profiles folder where Kmeleon is installed, 

there are lots of profiles there, copy all the contents of the default profile to the other profiles you created earlier,
feel free to tinker with the others yourself, maybe if you are good at macros and JavaScript, you can add them here.

4. open menu>edit preferences>gui

 appearance in each kmeleon, in the window title column fill in the same name as the profile name, actually it's not that important, but just in case one day there is a script like ifwinexist from ahk & differentiate it each profile. If you feel you need a skin, you can also set it per profile.

5. Practice old-fashioned

Open as many kmeleons as needed with different profiles, look for a fast proxy.
Everything can be connected via proxy via an application such as Proxifier or manually entered into each Kmeleon running in the tools>proxy>configures menu.
Log in to Kolot with a different ID.
6 digit code appear after 30 seconds.

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