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NameGeetest CAPTCHA
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App PackageGeetest captcha.txt

In this story, I will continue to address the slider captcha using a different technique. This technique can handle the captcha slider faster and more efficiently. I focus on the GeeTest slider captcha, but you can use it on any similar captcha slider. I'll show you how to skip it in a few steps.

Configure an alert message

You can configure the alert message by configuring client_fail_alert and server_fail_alert in config / geetest.php. Set language

Geetest supports different languages:

Simplified Chinese

Traditional Chinese




Here are the key values ​​for the Languge configuration:

zh-cn (Simplified Chinese)

zh-tw (Traditional Chinese)

in English)

en (Japanese)

ko (Korean)

Some CAPTCHA images may be difficult to read even for people with good eyesight. Encountering some CAPTCHA images can be annoying, such as Google's reCAPTCHA. It is not enough that you have to solve a visual puzzle, ReCAPTCHA sometimes requires you to solve four or five puzzles in a row. And if you enter the wrong characters or click the wrong button, you have to keep going until you do it right.

One thing that can help you deal with CAPTCHA is to use a browser extension that can fix it for you. This can be useful if you don't see the CAPTCH properly, make a lot of mistakes, or just meet a lot of them. Here we can show you some browser extensions and related CAPTCHA troubleshooting services that may help to resolve your issue.

How to install

1 = Install Extension Voilent monkey Firefox and chrome

2 = open voilent money and click ADD Button and Copy Past Here and Save

Click Red Box To Download

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