how to make my google account | Without Phone Number

How to make my google account

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Today's video is on the topic that I will teach you how to make Gmail account without phone number.

You can easily earn what you can sell even after selling it what to do now create a user.

If you add people from here, then from here you create each other, then what to do,


You need an email, you must have an email for this, okay, don't know how many emails people create,

Okay now all you have to do is to go to Google, go to and write here, the browser has gone here and believe me, I have made Gmail from here, I have sold it and I will tell one more technique in the video. And whatever you are, at least $ 1 impression of the daily was done, comfortably the impression of the bed was done, okay, in the technique, and I will tell you,

before the video, just watch the video, how it is divided, okay brother step Open it, if not, I will give the link in the description, do it from there, this is a complete technique, look at it carefully, I have done it, okay sign up, not Gmail, it is okay not to do it, what to do, from here you have to pick up your email and you Bring it here and paste it inside the mail. Done here this and here you have to put a hot password like this.

Okay now here you will click on Agree you guys will email you send click on Gmail from here I will activate account from here and this magic wand and it will happen now what to do not select website.

Click Only manual testing ok I'm saying this because then you guys will have spice so I'm just telling you guys then when will you get the minutes you guys what to do now Now you guys on Google Have to click now keep watching and Google chrome I will give anything I have to stop here by writing stop here I stopped it will give itself it stopped now what do you guys have to do show Do password here and here you have to give password now it is asking for phone number ok now what to do now you have asked for phone number and from here you have to stop stopped now what you have to do is from here If you want to come to the device, then you have to select all the iPhones here,

Now I click on the top of the iPhone 6S. Minute automatic start, if you don't make it my way, what happens to you guys, brother, you get 1 minute, the way I told you how to make it, you have to reduce it [music] by 1 got the minute the phone number is there and your mail is ready and it's Gmail done [applause] from here you guys and Gmail is my no thanks click on it now let me open it and see you I opened it and you can watch the video even after reversing it, now you will get it on every mobile, just that it is made on mobile, cancel it immediately, now I will show you another one. agar bolted to arise which I made inside the video you guys have to do the same method you guys have to do nothing other than that then you will tell me later this is happening that is happening Google chrome see this then phone I have asked for the number, it will keep asking for the phone number, now as I had promised you that if you tell me a technique, then in that technique, I will tell you what that technique is, my brother, you $ 1 If you can work peacefully, then that technique is that you people start selling tea on worker, at least 10-12 people with Gmail come, give it to us, then you will send a Gmail there. So there you get up to 0.10,

It is very easy to make a Gmail, and like the video, subscribe, so that you want new videos, subscribe, many videos will end, then you will have to start another, which is okay, I hope I will like the video live share will subscribe Allah Hafiz

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