Recipe For Secret to Fried And Crispy Cauliflower with Secret Mix


Recipe For Secret to Fried And Crispy Cauliflower with Secret Mix






Century Pepper Protector


Boiling water




Gravel cumin


Small sugar spoon


Frozen water


1 cup of milk


5 eggs per cauliflower


2 cups of flour


1 cup of milk


2 garlic cloves, finely chopped


3 large starches hanging


Large hanging turmeric


Half-hanging baking powder


Small hanging vinegar




Black pepper




Dry coriander




Chopped dill


Chopped cilantro




Bring a costume on the fire and put it up to half the water and let it boil, then put in it a cup of milk and a salt and pepper protector horn and a gravel cumin and a pinch of sugar.


Put the pieces of cauliflower in boiled water with milk with spices until you boil the cauliflower well on the fire.


Bring a large bowl now, put the eggs on the yogurt cup, bring the hand baton and beat them well together until the eggs are mixed with the milk.


Put a little vinegar on the salt, dry cilantro, turmeric and cumin, stirring again until combined.


Return the flour while stirring, then add the black pepper, baking powder, starch and shata, stirring constantly until the starch blends well with the ingredients.


Add three quarters of the dill and three quarters of the cilantro, stirring well.


Put some cold water on the cauliflower mixture, stirring well until the mixture disintegrates and is not too heavy and we can stir the cauliflower.


Prepare the hun or kebbeh and put the garlic, a quarter of coriander, a quarter of the amount of dill and a pinch of salt with the beating well to mix well.


Now add the contents of the hun to the mixture and mix well until they blend well and no lumpy ingredients appear.


Take the cauliflower out of the boil in water and milk and put it in a bowl with ice water straight from the combination.


Bring a deep bowl and put it on the fire and put the oil and let it heat well to fry the cauliflower.


Now take each piece of cauliflower and snap in the cauliflower secret mixture in all its aspects until you drink the mixture.


Put the cauliflower pieces in the oil and stir them every time the browning side is done, then remove them from the oil and put them in a dish with napkins until they are soaked in. oil.


Now place it in a serving dish with chopped parsley under the cauliflower to garnish and we can also decorate it with slices of tomatoes and red pepper.


At the point when I attempted the formula at home, the cauliflower's slender hitter turned a golden trim as it seared in coconut oil. When I flipped each cut, the player not, at this point covered the whole of the subsequent side, yet those uncovered pieces of cauliflower — embracing the hot metal of the skillet — took on a dim caramel tone, developing additional sweet route.


Also serve with tahini salad or coleslaw in the way coleslaw or green salad works and good luck and healing.

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