Recipe For Mushroom Pancake , Korean Specialties Like Bakwan

 Recipe For Mushroom Pancake , Korean Specialties Like Bakwan

Enoki mushroom is one of the mushrooms that is frequently utilized for restorative purposes by Chinese society. For the most part, enoki mushrooms are handled into enoki soup, fresh enoki, or as a supplement to moment noodles. However, in Korea, enoki mushrooms are regularly prepared into flapjacks, you know.


Please, take a look at the accompanying formula.


1. The fixings required




200 grams of enoki mushrooms, eliminate the stems


2 huge eggs, beaten


2 tablespoons generally useful flour


20g carrots, finely diced


1/2 onion, finely diced


2 spring onions, finely slashed


1 tsp sesame oil


Salt to taste


Dark pepper to taste


Perfect measure of oil


2. Sprinkle sesame flour and oil on the mushrooms


The initial step, place the enoki mushrooms on an enormous plate, spread out or independently. From that point onward, sprinkle with sesame flour and oil. Smooth by hand until all fixings are blended. Put in a safe spot.


3. Make flapjack hitter


In a different bowl, consolidate the eggs, carrots, spring onions and onions. Add flavors, like salt and dark pepper.


At that point, mix until every one of the fixings are very much mixed. Add the enoki mushrooms to the hotcake player and mix delicately.


4. Searing the mushroom flapjacks


The following stage, heat the Teflon on medium warmth watches out for high. Spread Teflon with a little cooking oil. At that point, take a tablespoon of mushroom flapjack player and fry it.


At the point when it is earthy colored, turn it over. Cook the mixture until cooked equally.


5. Present with soy sauce


At the point when the two sides of the hotcakes are cooked, eliminate them and spot them on a plate. You can appreciate this enoki mushroom flapjack while it's actually warm with bean stew sauce or soy sauce.


Along these lines, that is the enoki mushroom hotcake formula that is delectable and flavorful. Is it accurate to say that you are keen on making it at home?

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