Tofu and egg dishes in the style of boarding school children Recipe.


Tofu and egg dishes in the style of boarding school children Recipe.

Formula for tofu and egg dishes in the way of live-in younger students, straightforward and reasonable


Is it accurate to say that you are confounded about what to cook however just have tofu and eggs in the cooler? Unwind, you can in any case eat well. Attempt to make tofu and eggs the style of a lodging kid.


The most effective method to simplify it and useful, however it tastes great. Please, see the accompanying formula for tofu and eggs in the way of all inclusive younger students!


1. Materials required




3 cuts of tofu


3 eggs


1/2 green chime pepper


1 onion


1 tablespoon sesame oil


1 tablespoon sweet soy sauce


2 tablespoons of pureed tomatoes


4 cloves garlic


4 tablespoons teriyaki sauce


sugar to taste


salt to taste


pepper to taste


enough water




cooking oil


2. Absorb the tofu heated water


Bubble sufficient water to bubble, at that point turn off the warmth and sprinkle with sufficient salt. Put the tofu in the bubbling water and douse for about a moment.


From that point onward, channel and cut the tofu into shapes. Put to the side in a holder adequately huge.


3. Blend the eggs into the tofu pieces


Set up a holder and break the eggs. Beat until mixed at that point fill the tofu. Mix delicately until equally dispersed.


Warmth the oil on medium warmth and add the tofu and egg blend. Fry until cooked equitably and put in a safe spot.


4. Saute the flavors on a skillet


Cleave the garlic, slash the onions and green peppers. Warmth a skillet and soften spread.


Sauté garlic until fragrant and add sesame oil, teriyaki sauce, sweet soy sauce and pureed tomatoes. Pour a little water and mix until all around mixed.


5. Saute seared tofu egg into preparing


Put the seared egg tofu into the skillet loaded up with cooking flavors and mix until mixed. Add the onions and green peppers too.


Add pepper, sugar and salt to taste. Mix and cook until all fixings are cooked equally. Mood killer the oven and serve on a serving plate.

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