The most effective method to get ready plum and chicken stew


The most effective method to get ready plum and chicken stew


Bukhara plum 4


bits of prunes 8


onions 2 saffron


with the necessary measure of salt


, pepper,




with the necessary measure of glue 2 tbsp oil with the necessary sum


Planning and cooking technique:


I trust you are well and the grin of your lips is a steady visitor …


I'm at your administration with the strategy for getting ready plum stew with chicken. Plum stew is extremely, scrumptious and tasty, and there are not many individuals who don't care for this food. Plum gives the stew an acrid and sweet taste and makes the chicken a lot more delicious and is a well known stew in our nation, Iran. I make this stew with tomato glue that supplements the flavor of the plums and adds a more noteworthy flavor to the stew. Serve this stew with rice and before you begin cooking the stew, wash your rice, flush and splash it, and afterward add salt to make the rice stew trying to cooking so the two can be arranged together so we can Serve on schedule.


In this stew


I use Bukhara plum, a sort of yellow plum that is dried and utilized in food. Notwithstanding this Bukhara plum, I likewise utilize the Qais plum. Al-Qaisi is a similar yellow plum leaf that is dried and utilized like Bukhara aloe.


The initial phase in planning plum and chicken stew:


Empty the plums into an amaze and pour high temp water them and put to the side to splash and relax. In the event that you need to utilize plums for cooking, make certain to do this heretofore to give the food a superior taste. Cut the chicken down the middle with scissors and void the overabundance of the tummy, and afterward place it on a meat board and cut into wanted pieces. Make certain to eliminate the chicken skin since chicken skin is destructive and hormonal and it is better not to utilize it in your food. Wash the chickens in chilly water and put in a safe spot.


The second phase of getting ready plum and chicken stew:


Empty some oil into the pot and empty the washed chicken into it, at that point place the pot on the gas and set the base on a delicate warmth. Permit around five minutes for the chicken to be totally brilliant and toasted. Fry the two sides of the chicken altogether. At the point when your chicken is seared, remove it from the oil and put it in a safe spot. Strain the oil so that if a piece of chicken is left in the oil, it is taken so the remainder of the fixings don't consume during preparing and the food doesn't taste awful.


The third phase of getting ready plum and chicken stew:


Strip two onions and cleave finely, at that point fry in a similar pot in which we seared the chicken. At the point when the onions are brilliant, add the glue and fry until it changes tone, at that point add the flavors. Add salt, dark pepper and turmeric and fry until they smell. Add four glasses of bubbling water to the pot and mix.


The fourth step in planning plum and chicken stew:


Add the plums and afterward add the plums. Empty the saffron into a glass and add a couple of little bits of ice to it and permit the saffron to ease up in shading. At the point when the saffron returns tone, add it to your stew and mix. Presently add the singed chicken to the stew and cover it so the stew bubbles gradually and cooks.


The fifth step in planning plum and chicken stew:


Permit the stew to cook for about an hour until the chicken is totally cooked through and the stew is set. The stew with iodine ought to be moderately very much oiled and the juice ought to be thick. Taste your stew. In the event that the stew was somewhat sweet, you can utilize a little pomegranate glue or new lemon juice, and on the off chance that it was somewhat sharp, you can add a little sugar.

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