Sweet Pineapple Candy Recipe (Dessert)

Sweet Pineapple Candy Recipe (Dessert)

Pineapple is a sort of organic product that is very well known for utilization and is broadly accessible . The flavor of pineapple is particular, which is sweet blended in with acrid taste. Other than being burned-through straightforwardly, pineapple can likewise be served into a wide range of menus. One of them is pineapple candy. Do you realize how to make it? Adhere to the guidelines, let's.


1. Materials required


Materials :


2 on a level plane cut pineapples/2 jars of evenly cut pineapples with the syrup


2 1/2 cups sugar in addition to 1/2 cup added sugar for heating


1/4 compartment of corn syrup


2. Dry the pineapple


The initial step you need to do is ensure that the pineapple is perfect from the current juice. The abundance water content in it will make the pineapple unsweetened and hard to dry, particularly for canned pineapples. Consequently, dry it first.


3. Warmth the syrup with pineapple


The subsequent stage is to set up a griddle to be loaded up with corn syrup and sugar. From that point onward, mastermind the pineapple cuts in it. Assuming this is the case, heat it for 45 minutes until the sugar breaks up and the syrup is totally assimilated.


4. Sprinkle the sugar and meal the pineapple


Provided that this is true, remember to organize the pineapple-pineapple cuts on the heating sheet for preparing. Prior to that, sprinkle sugar on top to make it better and more finished. From that point onward, cook the pineapple for 30 minutes until it is earthy colored and the sugar is caramelized.


5. Serve


You can quickly do the serving of pineapple candy subsequent to heating. You can serve dried pineapple straightforwardly or store it in a spotless, shut compartment. The sweet and crunchy taste is ideal for serving a bite or a pastry menu.


All things considered, incidentally, that it's truly simple to make tasty and down to earth pineapple candy. Need to taste it as well?

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