Simple Doogh Soup Recipe


Simple Doogh Soup Recipe



1.5 liters of dried mint


Eaten rice 200 grams of nearby mixture


Fundamental measure of onion


2 bits of garlic


4 cloves of oil


Fundamental measure of water


Adequate measure of turmeric


salt Necessary


measure of red pepper Necessary


measure of vegetables


(dill, leek, parsley, coriander, garlic leaves)


500 grams of chickpeas 1 cup


Arrangement and cooking strategy:


Good tidings and good tidings to all dear of the cooking food


I trust you are well, today I am at your administration with the strategy for planning doogh soup, doogh soup is one of the old and customary dishes of persian that has a truly superb taste, this soup is normally made with sharp buttermilk (ideally sweet buttermilk and exceptionally Not excessively acrid), anyway in various urban communities, for example, Ardabil, Urmia, Tabriz, Shiraz, Mazandaran, Kurdistan, Kermanshah have various plans. This soup is normally served in winter and it is a joy to eat it vulnerable.


Blend the minced meat in with the ground onion and water, at that point add the flavors (turmeric, pepper, salt and dried mint) and ply once more, at that point eliminate to the size of a fingernail and mix in Bring it and afterward fry it, it tends to be presented with doogh soup, its most significant component is that it is sharp, the fundamental taste of doogh is the kind of doogh that is utilized, for instance, high-fat neighborhood doogh that is neither sweet nor extremely, harsh, which It gives a remarkable taste to your soup. Doogh soup can be utilized for lunch, supper and during the sacred month of Ramadan for iftar.


The primary phase of planning doogh soup:


To bubble, at that point pour the rice in bubbling water (it is smarter to utilize nearby rice since it has a superior fragrance, cooks better and is milder) following ten minutes when the rice is somewhat mellowed, peas that Pour the splashed already into the pot (you should absorb the chickpeas water for a couple of hours, to totally expand it, it is smarter to drench it from the prior night and change the water a few times and afterward wash it with Rinse with cold water and to keep the chickpeas from solidifying in the stew, cook them previously and use them in the stew when they are marginally delicate).


Following a fourth of 60 minutes, pour the eaten vegetables in bubbling water (you can likewise utilize vegetables, for example, beet leaves, spinach, exquisite, green garlic). Utilizing garlic will make your soup fragrant and delightful.


The second phase of getting ready doogh soup:


At that point 33% of the buttermilk (without neighborhood buttermilk, utilize non-carbonated stowed buttermilk, and furthermore for individuals who have an eating routine with great calories, low-fat buttermilk can be utilized). Add to the fixings, at that point mix continually until it bubbles. Add the doogh again and mix again to bubble and add the excess two doug to the stew and mix again until it bubbles (it should stew. Mix the buttermilk continually until it battles, and furthermore don't add the buttermilk to the soup once.


it is smarter to do this in three stages, on the grounds that the buttermilk soup should be mixed long and persistently, it is better on the off chance that you utilize a wooden spoon. Since, the handle of the wooden spoon doesn't get hot and your hand doesn't consume). At that point add salt and turmeric to it to change the shade of the soup. Make some hot mint and add it to the soup and let the soup settle well.


The third phase of getting ready doogh soup


Strip the onions and eat them in a cut and fry them, at that point the soup is prepared. You can likewise blend the singed onions in the soup or simply design the soup with hot onions. It has a lower focus than different dishes. To lessen the chilly idea of doogh, you can utilize pepper in the soup, contingent upon your taste.


I trust you like it,salla.

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