Fresh And Healthy Dragon Fruit Recipe Without artificial Coloring

Fresh And Healthy Dragon Fruit Recipe Without artificial Coloring

Other than being handled into juice, winged serpent natural product can likewise be prepared into this one treat. Winged serpent natural product is the name sago. Reasonable to be appreciated during the day, can be a temperament generator and your energy returns.


Joined with milk and pearl sago, it gives a rich surface. Sweet and new makes you incapable to deny, deh. Here's the formula for making mythical serpent natural product sago that you can attempt.


1. The fixings required




2 purple winged serpent organic products


100 grams of pearl sago


200 grams thick, sweet or as indicated by taste


500 ml full cream fluid milk


1 container of vanished milk


enough water


Elements for gelatin:


1/2 pack of white gelatin


2 tbsp sugar


400 ml full cream fluid milk


2. Make milk jam


Enter the granulated sugar and gelatin powder into the skillet, mixing so it doesn't cluster. Heat to the point of boiling, mixing habitually. Subsequent to bubbling, move to a holder, let remain until solidified.


3. Bubble pearl sago


Heat the water to the point of boiling in a pot, at that point add the pearl sago a little at a time. Mix, at that point bubble for 10 minutes until bubbling. Assuming this is the case, turn off the oven. Let represent 30 minutes.


4. Cut the mythical beast foods grown from the ground


Strip the mythical beast organic product skin, at that point cut into blocks. Move to a compartment and put in a safe spot. From that point forward, dice the solidified milk agar, blend it into the winged serpent natural product holder.


5. Blend a few fixings, at that point cool


Strain the pearl sago, at that point blend it into the compartment. Add improved dense milk, fluid milk, and vanished milk. Mix until all around mixed, at that point cover the holder, at that point store it in the cooler prior to serving.


For the measure of sugar and thick pleasantness, change it as you would prefer. Pick new winged serpent organic product, so the outcomes are more scrumptious!

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