Amazing eggplant lodeh recipe makes it addictive


Amazing eggplant lodeh recipe makes it addictive

You can attempt the accompanying formula for eggplant shrimp lodeh at home. Instructions to make it simple and the fixings are not difficult to get.


In the event that you need to realize how to make this shrimp eggplant lodeh at home, you can look at the formula underneath.


1. The fixings required




300 grams of green eggplant


100 grams of stripped shrimp, split the back


500 ml coconut milk


4 shallots, cut


3 garlic cloves, cut


2 green chilies, daintily cut ​​oblique


1 cm galangal, squashed


2 straight leaves


1 tablespoon shaved earthy colored sugar


Salt to taste


2. Cut the eggplant and absorb it salt water


First take the eggplant and cut it into round shapes, the sum can be changed by singular tastes. At that point wash it utilizing water until clean.


Provided that this is true, at that point splash the eggplant pieces in a salt water answer for around 5 minutes. At that point eliminate and channel the eggplant.


3. Heat up the coconut milk and different fixings until they bubble


Then, empty the coconut milk into the dish. At that point add the cut ​​shallots, cut ​​garlic, cut ​​green chilies, galangal, and straight leaves to the dish loaded up with coconut milk.


Provided that this is true, at that point turn on the oven fire at that point heat up the pot containing the coconut milk and different fixings until it bubbles. Remember to mix it so the coconut milk doesn't break.


4. Cook the eggplant and different fixings until cooked


After the coconut milk begins to bubble, put in the stripped shrimp, mix and cook until the shrimp begins to cook.


At that point enter the eggplant that has been absorbed the salt water, at that point mix it momentarily so it is even. Add shaved earthy colored sugar and salt to taste, at that point mix and cook until every one of the fixings are cooked and the flavors are assimilated.


5. Right the taste and serve


Right the taste first. At the point when it feels right, eliminate it and move the lodeh to a bowl. Also, the shrimp eggplant lodeh is prepared to serve.


How is the shrimp eggplant lodeh formula above, simple right? You can appreciate the eggplant shrimp lodeh on top with relatives at home. Ensured all will like the taste. Best of luck.

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