Recipe Indomie Kangkung Belacan which is anti-mainstream.


Recipe Indomie Kangkung Belacan which is anti-mainstream.

1. The fixings required




1 parcel of singed Indomie


1 egg


1 bundle kale


1 tablespoon soy sauce


1 tsp sugar


salt to taste


soy sauce to taste


1 tsp clam sauce


enough water


oil for sauteing


Ground flavors:


5 wavy red chilies


5 bits of red higher chilies


4 spring onions


2 cloves of garlic


1 tbsp dried shrimp


1 piece of shrimp glue


8 bits of green higher chilies


2. Bubble moment noodles


Empty sufficient water into the pot, bubble it until it bubbles. At that point heat up the moment noodles until half cooked. From that point onward, eliminate the noodles and channel, at that point put to the side first.


3. Saute ground flavors


Then, pound the wavy red chilies, red higher chilies, shallots, garlic, shrimp, and shrimp glue. Warmth oil in a skillet, saute ground flavors and green chilies until fragrant.


4. Put a few fixings


Add the eggs, at that point scramble them until they're finished. Offer sugar to taste, mix until very much mixed. Enter the clam sauce, mix again until very much mixed.


5. Indomie kale belacan fit to be served


Enter the noodles, sweet soy sauce, a little water, and the moment noodle preparing. Mix until very much mixed. At long last, add the kale, cook for some time. When cooked, eliminate and serve the indomie kale belacan.


The indomie formula for kale belacan above will be your number one noodle dish, here. For hot darlings, you can add cayenne pepper or stew sauce as indicated by taste. Upbeat making!

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