Recipe for Steamed Bogor Taro Bolu, Sweet Melts on the Tongue


Recipe for Steamed Bogor Taro Bolu, Sweet Melts on the Tongue


We can without much of a stretch discover an assortment of delightful cakes in Indonesia. One thing that is constantly cherished is the taro cake, which is regular of Bogor, West Java. This taro cake is typically a lovely purple tone.


In the event that you need to make it yourself, without anyone else can do to without any problem. Essentially steamed, the cake will feel delicate and liquefy in the mouth.


It is safe to say that you are interested about how to make scrumptious steamed bogor taro cake? Look at the full formula beneath, yes!


1. The fixings required


The principle fixing:


250 grams of wheat flour


150 grams of sugar


100 grams of margarine, liquefy it


2 eggs


2 egg whites


2 teaspoons taro or taro glue


1 tsp emulsifier


salt to taste


Besting fixings:


150 grams of cheddar, ground


100 grams of spread cream


2. Beat eggs with sugar


Set up a huge enough compartment, at that point add the flour, powdered milk, and salt. Mix with the speed until equitably appropriated. Chicken flour blend until smooth, at that point put in a safe spot.


From that point onward, beat the eggs with sugar and emulsifier utilizing a rapid blender. Sit tight for it to grow, at that point turn off the blender.


3. Separation the batter down the middle


In the event that the egg blend has risen, promptly add the filtered flour combination to it. Enter gradually while blending, simply utilize a spatula.


Then, add the liquefied margarine, at that point blend well. In the event that it has become a wipe batter, partition it into two equivalent segments.


4. Steam the cake until cooked


Give one piece of the batter with taro glue, at that point mix until it becomes purple. For the other, you can give it yellow color or leave it white.


From that point onward, empty the yellow combination into the preparing sheet that has been covered with heating paper. Steam for 15 minutes until cooked. Pour in the purple blend and steam once more.


5. Give spread cream on top


At the point when the taro cake is cooked, quickly eliminate it and eliminate it from the steaming skillet. Allow it to chill off first.


Then, spread margarine cream altogether on top of the cake. At that point, sprinkle with destroyed cheddar. Serve steamed bogor taro cake for family nibble.


The formula and how to make steamed bogor taro cake above can be your arrangement to make a scrumptious tidbit, here. One nibble will feel liquefied on the tongue. Prepare for habit, huh!

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